June 7, 2022

Donald Trump should not run for president in 2024.  His place in the pantheon of American presidents is secure as he was the right president at the right time and will go down in history as among the nation’s indispensable presidents.  In the upcoming no-holds-barred war for the soul and future of America, it is time for the mantle to be passed on to others he has effectively mentored and who have shown a resolute willingness to follow in his footsteps.

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Trump’s accomplishments are legion and among the most important are not only awakening the citizenry to the potentially irretrievable headfirst dash into a permanent one-party-socialist oligarchy, but doing so by doggedly battling these ideological elites and exposing their duplicity, extrajudicial procedures, megalomania, and premeditated election fraud and manipulation. 

He showed a nation stuck in a 28-year morass of political mediocrity and collectivism that fearlessness, determination, an implacable devotion to the principles of the nation’s founding, together with a genuine empathy for the America people, would defeat a radical left-wing Democrat party and a feckless Republican establishment.

Donald Trump’s inclusion on the list of indispensable presidents derives not only from his political, judicial and legislative accomplishments but the dramatically positive impact he had on the psyche of a hitherto despondent Middle America.  They are now keenly aware of who the ruling elites and their bedmates in the radical left are and that they are not invincible.

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By renewing and recasting many of the economic policies of Ronald Reagan and initiating an America First foreign policy, Trump not only reversed the downward trend of the nation but with these overwhelmingly effective policies showed the American people that there were viable alternatives that worked.

Further, Trump’s determined effort to recast the Republican Party as the party of all income groups, races, creeds, and ethnicities and the Democrats as the party of the elites and left-wing radicals is succeeding at an overwhelming and accelerating pace.

Thanks to Donald Trump, most Republican candidates running for office at all levels of government now espouse and campaign on energy independence, school choice, a secure border, bringing jobs back to the United States, curtailing the power of the bureaucracy, reduced government regulations, deterrence against China, America First foreign policy, and, most importantly, recapturing the nation’s cultural and educational institutions.

Thank-you, Mr. President

Nothing exemplifies the importance of the Trump presidency more than the chaos, mismanagement, ignorance and unmitigated failures of the fraudulently-elected Biden administration as the vast majority of the American people can see for themselves the stark differences between the two administrations.  Because of Trump’s success during his term, the citizenry is primed to soundly defeat the Democrats in November of 2022 and reject their nominee in 2024.  

Considering the paucity of viable candidates to replace Joe Biden, the Democrats and the left in 2024 will have to turn to either Bernie Sanders, Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren or clones thereof or possibly a “woke” billionaire business luminary or even a puerile Hollywood celebrity.  All of whom, after four years of Joe Biden, cannot win a national election that is not beset with fraud and rampant cheating.

On the other hand, there are electable and viable potential Republican candidates who have been extraordinarily influenced by the presidency of Donald Trump — in particular, Gov. Ron DeSantis but also Sen. Tom Cotton, Mike Pompeo, Sen Josh Hawley, and Sen. Ted Cruz.  All of whom are close with or have worked for Trump and would carry through with his agenda.  And all of whom would do well as president as all have repeatedly shown a determined willingness to wage war with the radical left and to not back down or be intimidated by the usual left-wing character assassination and deep-state tactics.