May 9, 2022

It never ceases to amaze me when the same politicians and pundits who spew vile rhetoric aimed at rural Americans all year long turn around and ask for those Americans’ votes.  The New York Times (the titular “paper of record” that pushed Trump-Russia “collusion” lies while ignoring the Biden Crime Family’s quid pro quo money-making in Ukraine) recently featured an opinion piece claiming that “Biden has already done more for rural America than Trump ever did.”  Democrat lemmings quickly regurgitated the overrated rag’s propaganda.

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After feeling the tug on his leash from Old Witch Pelosi, the honey-trapped Congressman Eric Swalwell (whose dimwittedness made him a natural target for the Chinese Communist Party to compromiselaughably insisted that under China Joe’s lethargic leadership, “we are all doing much better … especially … rural America.”  As is only fitting for a regime requiring its own Ministry of Truth, Swalwell then instructed his (brain-dead) Twitter followers to share the Times story “to make sure we all understand.”  And so, right on schedule as midterm elections near, the anti-democratic Democrat party pretends rural American voters have never had it so good, and certainly better than the gun-totin’, Bible-thumpin’ racist rednecks deserve.  Ah, the politics of condescension still smells worse than pig manure on a hot day.  Uff da!

For the record, the only people better off in rural America during the reign of Jo’Bama are the Bill Gates billionaires and mysterious Chinese corporations buying up farmland throughout the country.  For everyone else, Obamacare’s destruction of rural hospitals, nonsensical Green New Deal diktats, outrageous fuel and feed costs, infrequent yet prohibitively expensive fertilizer shipments, and destabilized supply chains, plus the return of Big Government agricultural regulation and Chinese trade appeasement, have created grim economic times and uncertain futures.  In President Trump, farmers had a man who understood their needs and fought for their interests.  In President Dementia, farmers have an enfeebled man who has no sympathy for their needs and fights for China’s interests.

Only two percent of America’s population roll up their sleeves and farm the land, so that everyone else has clothes to wear and food to eat.  There are many admirable professions but none so vital as the farmer’s.  It’s hard, sweaty work, often providing unpredictable income.  When the federal Leviathan insists on imposing its jurisdictional fiats on everything from pesticides to rain puddles, that work gets harder and more unpredictable.  When a bunch of know-nothing armchair academics micro-manage what’s going on out here as if Stalin’s Five-Year Plan were back in fashion, then food shortages and price hikes become inevitable.  You cannot farm from the comfort of an air-conditioned Georgetown.  You cannot feed America by undermining America’s farmers.  And if you cannot feed America, what is the point of flexing American muscle over breached borders in Ukraine?

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Farming attracts a certain kind of people — those who are willing to put their fortunes on the line season after season, herd after herd, for uncertain reward.  You can do everything right and still suffer the unforgivable fates of pernicious weather and disease.  You can work your tail off just to eke by; in fact, when conditions are rough, just eking out a living perversely requires working harder than ever.  You can put in a long day’s work, just to discover that your efforts were in vain.  You can have a great crop or healthy cattle one day only to find fungus and parasites destroying everything you have the next.  If you want to know what the “business of life” is, find a farmer.  It takes grit and spit and blood and many days under the hot sun.  Snowflakes would melt, and champagne socialists would croak.  There’s no time for victims, tantrums, or privilege pity-parties out in rural America.

Something else that distinguishes rural Americans from the Marxists running D.C. is what you might call the harsh demarcation separating “theory” from “application.”  For the bureaucratic “ruling class” squatting near the Potomac, there’s no idea stupid enough that it can’t be retried a dozen times.  You would think those elitists most inclined to define themselves through their academic pedigrees would actually learn from historical failures written down in the books they (at least pretend to) have read.  Alas, repeating mistakes is Washington’s forte.

Printing money has never produced “sustainable” prosperity, but D.C. doesn’t care.  No nation has ever survived while prostrating itself before the false gods of “multiculturalism” and “diversity,” but the federal government wants illegal immigration and so shall have it.  No country can remain militarily dominant while choking off its energy supplies, weakening its armed forces, and provoking needless foreign conflicts abroad, but the Washington War Machine can’t feed on peace alone.  In D.C., well bred royalty can “theorize” about the benefits of rampant inflation, illegal immigration, and war.  In the real world, where theories go to die, there is no refuge from the consequences of the idiotic rantings embraced by charlatans, commies, and crackpots.

In rural America, something either works or it doesn’t.  There’s no wiggle room to repeat the same mistake ten times or theorize why something should have worked “on principle.”  There’s not enough room for error to complain to those who depend on your efforts that you “had the best of intentions.”  “Hope and change” don’t get a field plowed or a crop harvested.  “Build Back Better” is an insult to people who build for a living every single day.  “Theory” is a luxury that takes a backseat to serious, hard work and determination.  Bureaucrats have never seen a problem they can’t make worse; rural Americans have never seen a problem they don’t expect to fix themselves.  There are no excuses.  There are no second chances.  It’s get-to-work, get-it-fixed, get-‘er-done.

And for working their hearts out doing the dirty jobs that white-collared empty suits demean and ignore, rural Americans receive nothing but mockery and derision from the Democrat party.  They are slandered as “racists” when it’s impossible to find a more welcoming group of Americans.  They are belittled as “rednecks” because they sweat for what they own.  They are ridiculed as “religious extremists” because they have the good sense to thank God each week for all they have.  They are scorned for proudly waving the American flag in their yards and from their trucks, even when the government Leviathan purportedly serving that flag instead works diligently to undermine all they are.  Rural Americans keep America afloat, and for their efforts, they are one of the few groups of people the paragons of political correctness openly abuse.

Yet that’s okay.  Because rural Americans are tough and don’t ask for sympathy and always figure out a way to survive, no matter how difficult the next challenge.  They’re winners in this life because they know intimately just what a gift life is.  They know how to keep getting back up on their own because if they did not, they would be gone.  But surely that’s enough of a load for one group of Americans to shoulder without also forcing them to stomach the Democrat party’s biennial attempts to claim that it deserves rural Americans’ votes when Democrats go out of their way between elections to show their absolute hatred for rural America’s voters.  For all that rural America does for everyone else, that really shouldn’t be too much to ask.