September 6, 2022

“Here Comes the Sun” is one of the Beatles’ great hits from their Abbey Road album, written by George Harrison at the country house of his friend Eric Clapton. Those were down days for George, and one of the song lines, “Little darlin’, it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter” might apply as much to George’s life in 1969 England as it will collectively to the upcoming winter in Europe.

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The sun is shining these days as it is still summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but not for long. News stories abound for those paying attention. From Euronews, “European governments are scrambling to find ways to shield households and businesses feeling the impact of the surge in energy prices that have soared to record highs.”

Oilprice.com weighed in as well,

In a somber speech last week, French President Emmanuel Macron warned that France has come to the end of its “era of abundance” and said hard times are ahead.

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The Prime Minister of Belgium has said that Europe will have five difficult winters in the coming years due to an energy shortage with no short-term solution

While European gas storage is filling up ahead of schedule and it may be able to survive the coming winter, the suffering is far from over for the continent.

The White House has taken notice, yet despite their so-called focus and efforts to alleviate this mess, they have rammed through their “green new deal,” ironically called the “Inflation Reduction Act”, which will only make things worse.

“We’re concerned about potential energy shortages in Europe as the winter approaches,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Monday. “This is something we’re going to stay focused on as the fall turns to winter, and we’ll be latched up with allies and partners to try to do what we can to alleviate any shortages coming through.”

Europe is paying the price for their leaders listening to climate scolds including Al Gore, Prince Charles, and the petulant Swedish teen Greta Thunberg. Trying to outwoke each other, Europe made the decision to “go green”, thinking they could redefine the laws of physics and nature.

What followed was predictable. As Fox Business reported,