October 7, 2022

Conservatives are fighting for their lives.  We are not yet being shot in the streets, but there is a decidedly Kristallnacht feeling in the air.  Burning, looting, and wilding — all happening while police stand by watching our cities and culture burn.  It’s 1938 all over again.

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The ground we’re standing on is shifting.  What should be the flashing red lights of history have been distorted by the passage of time, dimming our perspective.  A couple of generations of mischief have sharpened the tactics of our adversaries, and they stalk us in sinister and unfamiliar ways.  Today’s enemy is savvy, ruthless, and professional.

Certain people seem to appear out of nowhere, at just the right time.  Such a person was an Australian, B.A. Santamaria, born in 1915, who died in 1998.  During his lifespan, he witnessed the birth of the Australian Labor Party and was central in saving Australia from becoming a Marxist state.  The events of his life are told within the book Against the Tide.  Sometimes, short human lifespans impair our ability to understand the context and perspective that history reveals.

Against the Tide preserves for us the timeless methods that we now see in today’s culture warriors.  Plotting, conducted in secret with the intent to depose the institutions of freedom and democracy, is actively conducted, all while we snooze.

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The tools of the destroyers may change in manner and style; however, their objectives remain constant.  The end of the Second World War delivered a powerful expansionist impetus to the Soviet Union.  Countries fell like dominoes.  That was true of not only Eastern European countries, but many other countries also were under attack, including England, Singapore, China, Malaysia, the Congo, and more.  Attacks were not always by overt military conquest, but rather by stealth, subversion, and conspiracy.  Resident among these fifth columnist attacks were the many true believers who were the backbone and shock troops acting in the name of world communism.

Witness history replaying itself in its newest incarnation: in 1946, Australia was just coming out of a devastating Second World War.  Privations, loss of life, and a colonial past helped the Soviets make inroads everywhere.  Australians, disposed of wartime leadership, demanded unilateral disarmament and a peace dividend.  Every villain needs a hero protagonist.  In Australia, that was the Catholic Church, which previously had stood aloof from a central political role.  But, with Australia’s unions being quickly overrun by communists, a unified and ultimately successful pushback commenced.  The message of the communists was simple and intoxicating: the productive work of labor should be the property of the people and not fat cats.  The Soviet Union hammered home that message, which was seductive and personally persuasive.

Their real impetus was quite different.  From Against the Tide: “The Communist Parties of the world are no longer concerned with the interests of the workers of their respective countries.  They are merely agents of Russia and the Kremlin.”

Is the current situation in America so different today?  The names have been changed, but the societal intent, the subversion of the status quo, is still operative.  Everywhere you look, the relevance of our institutions is being challenged when viewed through the looking glass of the change agents of climate change and social justice. 

Are the same ultimate objectives still in play? If so, who or what is pulling the strings?  Simple Marxism, or something different?  Then, as now, the climate of urgent change was stridently championed by those who sought radical alternatives.  Public opinion was manipulated then, as now, by a hard core of university men, politicians, unionists, and media, all with the common objective to bring about radical change, whatever the cost in terms of lives, ethics, or an uncertain future.

A necessary element of any plot to destroy a country is subterfuge.  In Australia then, and in America now, do we really know who is teaching our children?  Do we know the true objectives of those who may lead us off an economic or political cliff?  I have a friend who is always telling me, “Don’t these politicians know that when everything falls apart, we’ll be looking for them, they’ll never be safe?”  I must surmise that the true believers, the people who wish us ill, somehow think they are preordained to become our new overlords once they’ve taken control.