May 22, 2024
I feel like I need a shower. You may feel the same way, too, if you listen to the MSNBC panel above in which “comedian” Laurie Kilmartin says she’d like...

I feel like I need a shower.

You may feel the same way, too, if you listen to the MSNBC panel above in which “comedian” Laurie Kilmartin says she’d like to make love to whoever leaked the U.S. Supreme Court’s supposed decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

And if she finds out it’s a conservative who leaked it and she becomes pregnant by him, she’ll abort the baby.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

A panel during Ayman Mohyeldin’s Sunday program “Ayman” discussed the Supreme Court leak. Ayman quoted a piece by MSNBC columnist Zeeshan Aleem, who wrote, “Nobody should be fooled — the reason right-wingers are suddenly fans of propriety again is because so much of their political agenda requires using the Supreme Court to advance policy far too unpopular for the democratic process.”


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Right wingers use the court to advance what they can’t get the votes for? That’s a great example of what leftists typically do: blame the right for one of their common tactics.

After all, do you think the states in the early 1970s would have voted to approve abortion? Of course not. As a result, the left pushed for the Supreme Court to find an heretofore unknown civil right regarding abortion in the Constitution and — significantly — removed from the states the power to outlaw abortion.

They couldn’t get it through the legislatures so they got it through the Supreme Court. Same with the Obergefell decision attempting to legitimatize same-sex marriage.

Do you think leftist are increasingly overstepping the limits of common decency?

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And then there’s Kilmartin. To her, it’s funny, especially the part where the integrity of the Supreme Court is compromised.

“I would like to find out who the leaker is, so I can make sweet love to that person because that person is a hero to me,” she said.

“A lot of people are saying it could be a conservative,” she added. “And if the leaker is a Republican and if I get pregnant during our lovemaking, I will joyfully abort our fetus and let them know.”

Ha. Ha. Ha.

How does one think “joyfully” of destroying one’s own child?


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The corrosion of our culture and the demise of decency continues, driven by those on the left who have a perverse belief that they really are in the know, that the wingnuts on the right are deplorable and beyond redemption.

Happily, many of us are redeemed through Jesus Christ. And we — and those who mock God and His love for the little ones — shudder at the knowledge of His coming judgment.

“For shame!” I imagine my long-departed grandmother’s response to all of this.

And that’s what sad: These people are beyond shame — but hopefully not beyond grace and repentance.

That includes you, Laurie Kilmartin.