March 5, 2024
A federal judge granted former President Donald Trump's request for a special master to be appointed to review documents taken from his Mar-a-Lago home during an FBI raid last month....

A federal judge granted former President Donald Trump’s request for a special master to be appointed to review documents taken from his Mar-a-Lago home during an FBI raid last month.

On Monday, Judge Aileen Cannon ruled a special master should be appointed, as Trump and his legal team had requested, CNBC reported.

Cannon also said the Department of Justice may not review the materials seized by the FBI until the special master has completed a review or a new court order is issued.

“The Court hereby authorizes the appointment of a special master to review the seized property for personal items and documents and potentially privileged material subject to claims of attorney-client and/or executive privilege,” the order said, according to ABC News.

“Furthermore, in natural conjunction with that appointment, and consistent with the value and sequence of special master procedures, the Court also temporarily enjoins the Government from reviewing and using the seized materials for investigative purposes pending completion of the special master’s review or further Court order.”


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While she temporarily halted the use of the documents to investigate Trump, Cannon said the federal government “may continue to review and use the materials seized for purposes of intelligence classification and national security assessments.”

Cannon’s ruling is undoubtedly a win for Trump, who had requested about two weeks ago that a special master be appointed.

“We are now demanding that the Department of ‘Justice’ be instructed to immediately STOP the review of documents illegally seized from my home,” Trump wrote in a statement on Aug. 22. “ALL documents have been previously declassified.

“We are demanding the appointment of a SPECIAL MASTER to oversee the handling of the materials taken in the raid.”

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The FBI had sought to block the appointment in a court filing submitted on Aug. 30.

“Not only does [Trump] lack standing to raise these claims at this juncture, but even if his claims were properly raised, [Trump] would not be entitled to the relief he seeks,” the court filing said.

Many prominent conservatives celebrated Cannon’s ruling on Twitter.

“BREAKING: As predicted, Judge Cannon grants Trump’s request for a Special Master,” Newsmax contributor Jenna Ellis wrote. “The FBI does not get to oversee itself. GOOD.”


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“In another major victory for Trump, court will appoint special master to review Trump raid documents — and enjoins Biden operation from using docs for ‘investigation’ in meantime,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton wrote. “Massive vote of no confidence in Biden DOJ/FBI!”

Cannon said the DOJ and Trump’s team had until Friday to submit a joint list of candidates to be appointed as the special master in the case and an outline of approved duties for the position, ABC News reported. She stopped short of providing a ruling regarding whether any of Trump’s seized property should be returned to him at this time.