March 3, 2024
With less than three months to go before Americans go to the polls, Democrats are giving even “failure” a bad name. The party with nothing to run on but its...

With less than three months to go before Americans go to the polls, Democrats are giving even “failure” a bad name.

The party with nothing to run on but its own failures has been trying to fashion a strategy for the midterm elections based on smearing a single citizen.

But according to even a sympathetic poll, it’s failing badly at that. And the latest liberal spin is doing no better.

An NBC News poll released Sunday shows efforts by the Democratic-legacy media complex to win the midterm elections with an unrelenting series of attacks on former President Donald Trump — including an unprecedented FBI raid that’s become a national embarrassment — has been unable to move the needle with an American public sees the country moving only in one direction — the wrong one.

The poll of 1,000 registered voters was conducted Aug. 12-16 by landline and cell phones, according to NBC. It had a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points. And by any standard, the numbers are eye-opening.


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Political Strategist Chuck Callesto wrote in a tweet, “Americans Are Angry, Disappointed And Worried…”

With Democratic control of both Houses of Congress and the White House, 74 percent of those polled thought the country is headed in the wrong direction, versus only 21 percent who said it was headed in the right direction.

Do you think Republicans will win control of the House in November?

Yes: 97% (76 Votes)

No: 3% (2 Votes)

(Those 21 percent must live in a safe suburban neighborhood, never watch or read the news about ever-increasing crime, never worry about inflation in the cost of gas or groceries and not care a damn about the country’s national security, but why digress?)

So, without a record of their own to boast of, Democrats have spent virtually every minute since Jan. 2021 trying desperately to frame the midterm elections around framing Donald Trump, and it isn’t working.

To NBC, the poll’s headline number was 57 percent: “NBC News poll: 57% of voters say investigations into Trump should continue.”

That constitutes a “clear majority of American voters,” NBC declared — which is true enough. But it’s also a number that includes 92 percent of Democrats polled and 61 percent of independents, according to NBC.

Meanwhile, 40 percent of those polled, including Republicans and Independents, say the investigations should not continue. Considering the huge amount of political capital Democrats have invested in Trump investigations that’s an astounding figure.


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Democratic President Joe Biden’s administration, with the Eichmann-like orchestration of Attorney General Merrick Garland, has debased the once-esteemed FBI by turning it into a private political army. The Democratic Congress has turned the House of Representatives into a theater of the absurd, bent on staging a series of show trials — literally made for television — intended to sway the American public.

And the establishment media’s complicity has been evident throughout, contributing live prime-time coverage to promoting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s narrative of a Trump-inspired “insurrection” related to the Jan. 6, 2021, incursion at the U.S. Capitol, and the breathless, utterly unthinking news coverage that benefitted Democrats throughout the years of the Trump presidency.

There was even a surprise witness to introduce a new, patently dubious, plot twist.

And where has all of that led? (Besides Liz Cheney’s very public humiliation at the hands of her own voters.)

According to the poll, 50 percent of those polled hold Trump “mainly” or “somewhat” responsible for the Capitol disturbance. Meanwhile, again according to NBC’s poll, 49 percent hold Trump “somewhat” or “not at all” responsible.

(That validity of that “somewhat” as a description is questionable, considering Trump is “somewhat” responsible just by virtue of the fact that he exists, or someone else would have been the Republican candidate in 2016 and 2020 — and likely a losing candidate at that.)

In other words, a 50-50 split. After two years of endless propaganda from progressives, after countless thousands of hours of free air time and ink to spread the lie that the former president and his supporters actually tried to overthrow the United States government, the country is evenly divided.

(A churlish argument could even be made that all the nattering from Pelosi’s crowd and the slick delivery of compromised “news” anchors has actually hurt the cause, since the percentage holding Trump responsible in Jan. 2021 was actually 52 percent, 2 percent higher than it was before the barrage of bunk started. But since that’s within the margin of error, it would be petty to point it out.)

And as far as Democratic hopes that their precious committee will actually be able to sway the public going forward? Only 42 percent of those polled think the committee is conducting a “fair and impartial” investigation of the Capitol incursion.

When asked how much confidence they had that the committee’s investigation would be “fair and impartial,” 13 percent responded “only some” and 41 percent “very little.”

Considering that’s well outside the margin of error, NBC could just as easily have headlined its report: “NBC News poll: 55% trust Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 committee as much as they trust Paul Pelosi to be a designated driver.”

But that’s not how NBC rolls.

Libs must have realized that 57 percent saying investigations into Trump should continue wasn’t getting the tractions they wanted.

As of Monday afternoon, the really big news out of the poll was being spun to the fact that some ill-defined “threats to democracy” were right up there in top voter concerns with “cost of living” and “jobs and the economy.”

That’s presumably intended as a slam at Trump and his supporters, but it’s just as fairly read as a criticism of the Democratic Party’s increasingly totalitarian view of the American political system. (Besides, to Democrats, any election loss is a “threat to democracy.” All the poll might really be saying is Democrats are afraid they’re going to lose.)

And there’s the rub.

Making any kind of prediction generally amounts to asking the Almighty for a lesson in humility, and American elections are no different. But from these numbers, and others in the poll, one thing is clear:

Americans aren’t buying what Democrats and the legacy media are selling. No matter what spin progressive pundits put on this poll and its results, it won’t change that fundamental fact.

“Threats to democracy” was the big angle on Monday — that’s the Democrats’ Emmanuel Goldstein. But it’s empty compared to inflation, the economy and the hash Biden has made of both the country’s borders and its international security. And anyone with any sense knows it.

Come the aftermath of the November midterms, another exercise in American democracy, it’s a good chance even the establishment media is going to have to report the news that Democrats no longer control all the power in the federal government.

And all the smears on Donald Trump in the world aren’t going to change that.