September 1, 2022

Thursday night, Joe Biden takes to the airwaves to “continue his battle for the soul of the nation.”  Sounds kinda biblical — this must be God at work. As to the outcome of this battle, Joe and his godless legions might be in for a little surprise.   

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Ahead of the midterms, Biden, whose handlers smell a shellacking coming Democrats’ way, is expected to try to frame the elections as a choice between Orange Man Bad’s 74 million voters and Joe’s collection of Marxists, establishment hacks, wannabe oligarchs, lifer bureaucrats, race hustlers, LGBTQIA+ zanies, and freeloaders.

Joe, at a Maryland Democrat rally the other day, described America First voters as a “semi-fascist” horde determined to kill democracy.  Joe was mum about the game plan Democrats have been pursuing to “transform” democracy.  For Democrats, democracy is authoritarianism with a lot of lipstick, rouge, and uses the pronoun “we,” as in we’ve got the power and you don’t.       

Call Biden’s speech his Battle of the Bulge moment.  Joe has to shift the terms of the elections or Democrats are beating hasty retreats to Berkeley, New Haven, and New York’s Upper West Side. 

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We know Biden’s motives are spotless because, in order to safeguard democracy, his agents worked overtime rigging the 2020 presidential sweepstakes.  Heck, expect “democracy dies in darkness” or some-such non sequitur to trip from Joe’s blanched lips.  Ah, you know what Joe means! 

For all we know, democracy’s guardians are toiling in the electoral salt mines right now, busily fixing just about anything fixable to guarantee outcomes favorable to Democrats. 

Hey, election tinkering may be the only way to stop those sly semi-fascists from voting in a semi-fascist Congress, which, come January 2023, would begin smashing democracy to pieces. 

In stark contrast, Democrats, seeking to protect democracy, made a special effort at the 117th Congress’ kickoff.  House Bill 1 — the wryly named “For the People Act” — which, as the number indicates, was the Democrats very first piece of legislation — sought to centralize control of elections in Congress. 

To borrow from H.L. Mencken: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.”  Democrats skip the “know what they want” part.  But they certainly relish giving the people their counterfeit version of democracy good and hard.      

Lest we forget that the same day Biden was sworn in, he signed a bunch of executive orders, signaling to the nation that governing by fiat was democracy in action.