September 19, 2022

Dogs bark; wolves howl.

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The domestication process that turned wolves into family pets has served the dog well.  For most, it meant guaranteed food, shelter, and comfort while being able to stay in a familiar social structure (humans as pack leader, etc.).

But there was a trade-off — a big one.  That same process trapped domestic dogs in a permanent state of adolescence.  Essentially, when one is domesticated, one stops growing up.  And that time lock is why Rover barks and does not howl like a wolf — the wolf in the wild is able to grow up and, as with most members of the Canis species, howls — communicates, that is — like an adult.

Young wolves do bark and yip, very much like the dog with a tennis ball in its mouth looking at you right now, pleading with his eyes to go out and play.  There remains a bit of a debate over the prime mover in the process — who domesticated whom between dog and humans, if you will — but as wolves and jackals and such still exist in the wild, it is clear that not every canine was on board with becoming the four-legged member of a mostly two-legged group.

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But what happens when humans not only become domesticated themselves, but actually demand to be housebroken and insist that remaining an adolescent is not only their right, but their duty to society and the planet?

The adult — biologically speaking — “housewoken” are not shy about this requirement, this quest to make sure that everyone else take care of them, coddle them, never criticize them, always agree with them, never stress them, never ask them anything, always understand that whatever is important to them is the most important thing in the world, and neverever get in their way.

Exhibit A:

[embedded content]

This Yale student — i.e., future leader — demands that a “place of comfort and home” be created for her at the college.  When the professor disagrees, she shrieks in terror and proceeds to go on an obscenity-laced rant against those who would dare to contradict her.

And this was about Halloween costumes.  Imagine how she — and those like her — will react to the real world!

Wait, we don’t have to imagine.  We see it around us every day.