June 9, 2022

Great Reset.  Green New Deal.  Build Back Better.  New World Order.  Bilderberg.  Davos.  Council on Foreign Relations.  World Health Organization.  The list of secretive global societies and their mission directives for humanity are daunting.  Many people who would prefer to be left alone to live their lives free from government interference have an understandable sense of impending doom.  

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The COVID Crisis showed Westerners how quickly (and easily) their governments would impose unilateral mandates against their will, destroying any illusion that self-congratulating “democracies” have any more respect for individual rights or bodily autonomy than the authoritarian regimes the West routinely condemns.  If an unsuspecting citizen once took “freedom” for granted, forced experimental injections, arbitrary and capricious closures of private businesses, mass surveillance, vaccine passports, and government-sponsored censorship of dissenting medical opinion have demonstrated how rapidly undefended freedom slips away.  Westerners were not prepared to take a vigorous stand for freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of conscience, or personal privacy.  Their silence was interpreted as acquiescence to government control and rewarded with only more intrusive and authoritarian measures.

For those who understand what has happened these last two-plus years, the rise of authoritarianism has caused a great deal of consternation.  All around us the government Leviathan is feeding and growing.  Center for Disease Control bureaucrats are already defending their unconstitutional pandemic powers as necessary tools that should be permanently “institutionalized.”  The U.S. government openly targets citizens for engaging in “unacceptable” speech or holding “unapproved” political views.  Stricter gun laws are barreling toward us.  The national security surveillance state is pervasive.  Treasury and finance ministers are working with their central banks to devise digital currencies for the public that will eventually allow them to sequester citizens’ accounts in ways just as bereft of due process as those utilized by the “rules-based international order” to seize Russia’s foreign currency reserves as punishment for invading Ukraine.  The Davos Death Cult is using the pretense of a “climate emergency” to justify tracking every individual’s personal carbon consumption (i.e., surveilling and cataloguing all human movements, sources of income, associations, and experiences).  Biden’s Commie House of Horrors is intentionally unleashing runaway inflation, so that citizens become entirely dependent upon government for personal survival.  

Even a cursory glance at humanity’s chess board, then, reveals that those with wealth and power are racing to corral the rest of us before we appreciate what’s at stake.  What’s at stake is nothing short of a great human battle between good and evil — that pitting individual self-determination against corrosive, government authority.  Personal sovereignty versus State enslavement.  Moral agency versus ideological imprisonment.  Private ownership of one’s own labor versus feudal subsistence as a serf.  Freedom versus Control — it’s that simple.

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Technology has finally advanced to a point where true totalitarianism may flourish.  Total control over the individual means total control over the thoughts in each person’s mind.  That makes sense, right?  Our thoughts, not our physical features, make us who we are and direct our future actions.  If authoritarian technocrats wish to create a Matrix-type world in which the masses are kept weak, ignorant, and subdued, it is our thoughts that they must regulate.  At the foundational level of all human thought is how we each individually process the observable information around us.  

(1) Information is an observable input.

(2) Our minds process that information and form preferences.  

(3) Our preferences lead to actions and outcomes in the observable world.

(4) Some of our actions provide new observable information inputs for others, and the steps begin again.

Totalitarianism seeks to hijack this natural human process by limiting the availability of information inputs.  Whether through censorshipphysical imprisonment, or mandatory State ideology, the goal is to control human action by limiting the available information used to form preferences.