May 26, 2022

For a pandemic to be brought under control, a sufficient part of the population needs to acquire sterilizing immunity so that transmission among individuals can be minimized and herd immunity of the whole population can be achieved.  COVID mass vaccinations have been a medical disaster in the U.S. and many other countries because the vaccines allow high levels of transmission of the virus and block our innate and naturally acquired immunity.  As a result of this high level of COVID infection spread, the current lull in virulence (severe outcomes and deaths) will soon skyrocket to levels far higher than 2020.

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This warning that the pandemic is “far from over” comes from Geert Vanden Bossche, a well known vaccinologist based in Belgium who has been ringing alarm bells for over a year.

Geert is not alone in coming to this conclusion, but he is one of the few prominent researchers speaking out.  Many research papers came to this conclusion more than a year ago.  Geert refers to one such paper, “Risk of rapid evolutionary escape from vaccines targeting Sars-CoV-2 spike protein”:

The spike protein RBD [receptor binding domain] of Sars cov2 is the molecular target for many vaccines aimed at bringing the virus under control. Such a narrow molecular focus raises the specter of viral immune evasion as a potential failure mode.

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In this context, vaccines that do not provide sterilizing immunity (and therefore continue to permit transmission) will lead to a buildup of large standing populations of virus, greatly increasing the risk of immune escape.

Early last year, Geert sent a video message to the World Health Organization about his urgent concerns regarding mass vaccinations.  His plea was to “open the scientific debate on how human interventions are currently driving viral immune escape.”  He called the mass vaccinations a “colossal blunder.”  He called for “devising a strategy … to eradicate the steadily emerging highly infectious variants.”

Geert has been particularly alarmed by the vaccination of the young, who have the best innate immune systems, which normally act as a sponge, or drain, for the entire population to rid itself of a pandemic.  In his view, it is the superior strength of the innate immune systems in children, with their ability to neutralize the virus, that helps to enable the population to achieve herd immunity.  But by injecting vaccinal antibodies into young people, Geert is warning that we are in effect replacing neutralizing antibodies with non-neutralizing antibodies:

Can you imagine what this would mean if you suppress the innate immunity of young people on a permanent basis?  Because that is exactly what we will do if we vaccinate the young.  These people will have their innate antibodies completely suppressed, and their acquired antibodies from the vaccines will be completely worthless[.] … It will prevent the population from ever achieving herd immunity.

Geert publishes on Substack.  Among his many interviews are two long-form interviews on The HighWire with Del Bigtree (Nov. 18, 2021 here and May 6, 2022 here).

In his November 2021 interview with Del Bigtree, Geert predicted that the delta variant, which had already been infecting the vaccinated, would soon be replaced by a new variant, which would have transmission immunity from the vaccine and may even enhance that transmission.  It turns out that Geert was correct.  The next month, omicron appeared.  This new variant is more transmissible than delta, and in his opinion, infections seem to be just as or more prevalent in the fully vaccinated and can reinfect recovered patients, as he predicted.