September 8, 2022

As the midterms approach, Joe Biden is accelerating his trademark attacks against Republicans-at-large and Trump voters in particular.  In his demented state, perceptions of conservatism as conventional political thought and ultra-MAGA as extremism are becoming increasingly indistinguishable.

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For almost two years we have watched Biden make deliberate policy moves that advance socialist causes.  He has acted out of hatred towards his predecessor and the probable threat of his return to the ballot, then widening the net to include the ill-defined ultra-MAGA, then more generally to the Trump base, and now denounces anyone who votes Republican as semi-fascist. 

Last week, Biden was the toast of progressive Philadelphia, a poster city for his administration’s destructive policies.  He cut the figure of an angry old demagogue, weighed down by his unpopularity but still a useful vassal for the Obama acolytes tugging harder and harder on the strings to keep him on his feet.  Pomp was provided by the President’s Own Marine Band, and he was carefully escorted to and from the podium by his wife, who has added memory care to the duties of a White House hostess. 

The teleprompter gave him the words, but the emphasis he placed upon them resonated as more personal and with an edge that might inspire those who would seek to do harm to others because of their political views.  His vitriol and body language were the stuff of a Third World tyrant, insulting to both the Founders who made famous the cradle of democracy before which he stood, and the West Wing Marine sentries standing behind him, backlit in hellish red that evoked a darker image of authoritarianism.

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Biden steered clear of his so-called legislative and policy achievements that have diminished family income, corrupted the education of our children, flooded the country with drugs and aliens, and shortened life expectancy.  There was no denunciation of the wave of more than five hundred riots cheered on by the vice president during Antifa’s Summer of Love, wherein downtown small businesses suffered billions in property damage and looting, two thousand police officers were injured, and twenty-five demonstrators and bystanders lost their lives.  He did not condemn the dozens of bombings of family pregnancy centers or the attempted assassination of a Supreme Court justice after numerous Democrat bigwigs, instigated by the Senate majority leader, gave a wink and a nod to violence in the aftermath of the Roe v. Wade decision.  Instead, the essence of the Philadelphia speech fell upon Biden’s political opponents, whose existence he views as an existential threat to democracy.

Biden is now hopelessly cornered by his own incompetence and unpopularity.  No occupant of the Oval Office has gone as far as to publicly stigmatize such a large voting bloc over their right to choose their political leadership.  The impact of his words will not be forgiving to members of his party struggling in tight down-ballot races.  If the Democrats achieve any midterm victories, it will be in the absence of a White House endorsement of their candidacies.

Biden’s Philadelphia rant has cemented his legacy as the Great Divider, someone who finds comfort in coddling foreign adversaries, inflicting hardship on his own people, and encouraging his followers to turn on their fellow citizens.  The policies of his administration are brick and mortar upon this foundation.  

No political party has been gifted such a target-rich opportunity before a critical election as the Democrats have offered the Republicans.  Their corruption is conspicuous in words and actions.  The Biden administration has put a heavy thumb on the scales of justice and Americans are frustrated that get out of jail free cards have already been handed out to Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, and the corrupt FBI agents who used a fabricated Russian dossier to con the FISA court and abuse their snooping powers. 

Drawing off the most divisive speech ever given by an American president, there is no greater opportunity for the GOP leadership to turn up the volume on these wrongdoings, Beltway Democrats and media pundits, taking a cue from Biden’s speech, will continue to descend upon Republican voters, but this tact is resonating poorly with most apart from the readers of Vanity Fair and the Atlantic

In a prebuttal to Biden’s Philadelphia speech, House minority leader Kevin McCarthy, speaking on Scranton Joe’s home turf, castigated Biden for fanning the flames of political hatred and took the high road in focusing on the issues of import to all Americans — economy, crime, and inflation.  Unfortunately, Mitch McConnell has not uttered a word from the Upper Chamber, a slap at Donald Trump from a party leader who derided the quality of his own Senate candidates and has all but turned the expectation of a majority victory into a coin flip.