March 2, 2024
The Russian naval headquarters in Crimea was blasted by a suspected Ukrainian "kamikaze drone," a Russia-linked official said.

The Russian naval headquarters in Crimea was blasted by a suspected Ukrainian “kamikaze drone,” a Russia-linked official said.

Mikhail Razvozhaev, the local governor who was appointed by Russia, said air defenses were activated in the naval fleet after the drone began its attack, and the drone, believed to be operated by Ukraine, was destroyed.

“It fell on the roof of the headquarters,” Razvozhaev said, according to the BBC. “There was no significant damage and no one was hurt.”


Video footage of the aftermath has surfaced on social media and shows a huge plume of smoke rising north of the peninsula’s largest city. The attack was the second drone incident at the headquarters in the past three weeks and occurred after explosions earlier this month at a Russian airfield and ammunition depot in Crimea. Ukrainian officials have not claimed responsibility for the attacks, including the one on Saturday.

Journalist Christo Grozev tweeted video footage of the aftermath, stating that the Russian forces ought to be embarrassed by the attack.

“With or without (as Russia says) casualties, a direct drone attack in the heart of the Russian Black Sea Navy is bound to be an embarrassment,” Grozev tweeted.

Crimea has been occupied by Russian forces since 2014 and has been claimed as a resort and vacation spot for affluent Russians, even during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, an attack on the peninsula’s capital on July 31 forced the cancellation of Russia’s Naval Day celebrations and injured five people, according to the Associated Press.

Fighting in southern Ukraine continued Saturday as well, as Ukrainian forces attempted to regain control of cities that were lost to Russian soldiers at the beginning of the war. Russian shelling wounded at least nine in Voznesensk, located in the Mykolaiv region, including four children, according to Gov. Vitaliy Kim.

“All children in a serious condition. Ages range from three to 17 years,” Kim said on Telegram, according to AP.


Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed his commander of the Black Sea Fleet earlier this week after a series of losses, and Vice Adm. Viktor Sokolov was appointed commander in his place.

The attack on the Russian airfield last week resulted in the loss of nine Russian aircraft, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said. One person was killed and 14 others were wounded in the attack.

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