May 23, 2022

Looking at the issues facing our country, there seems to be something pernicious for which we don’t seem to know what to do to correct the downward trajectory that is shaking us to our core.

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The issue at play now is that the majority of Americans have lost trust in our ability to govern and also, whether our leaders are even telling us the truth or are we simply being manipulated? Here are a few examples that are emblematic of the breadth and depth of the issues we face:

  • The Supreme Court Leaker: let’s not deal with the leak itself; just the fact that the sanctity of the court was broken. No one seems to want to do anything about it and the likely effect it will have on future deliberations and decisions. Why has this traitor not been outed? I say “traitor” because the individual wants to effectively substitute his/her opinion over that of the Supreme Court. Think about that for a moment. My understanding is that the list of suspects contains about 40 individuals. Three weeks in and the suspect has not been identified. That person must be found and outed. The Supreme Court cannot stand if we, as a country lose faith in the deliberative process, which is foundational to the functioning of our country. That’s really what’s on the line.
  • Baby Formula: The closing of the Abbott facility was a botched job. Everyone knew that 40% of the formula produced in the U.S. came from a single plant. We might forgive the failure of forethought in not diversifying our supply years ago. But the complete breakdown of responsibility by the FDA and the President (through his staff) for not having raised the alarm as week by week the problems grew worse four months before the plant closing is hard to take. There was a heads-up that this might happen back in September of 2021.  It would have been reasonable to commence planning for a shortage of baby formula right then. Hungry babies in America are a new low for our country. But it comes on the heels of one crisis after another.
  • The War in Ukraine: Intelligence experts claim they warned the administration that Russia was going to attack in April of 2021. We rewarded every minor withdrawal or diminishment of tensions with a pat on Putin’s back. Russian strategy was effective in keeping the U.S. and its allies sleeping for too long. Instead of sending lethal weapons in quantity, we sent mostly non-lethal aid to Ukraine before the war’s commencement. Even after Ukraine was brutally attacked in a massive combined-arms invasion, we sent mixed messages to the Russians who believe we lack the resolve to do what it takes to win. This ambiguity is how world wars start. This is a huge breach of trust in how Americans perceive the effectiveness of our leaders.
  • The sky-high cost of energy: Why do we have a shortage of energy and are we being told the truth? The salient question every American should ask is, have they been deceived by the President? Old “circle back” Psaki was asked endlessly why we are producing less energy, even today?  Pre-Pandemic, under Trump, the U.S. was producing a record 13 million barrels of oil per day and we were even exporting it. Production fell 3 million BPD due to slackened demand. Production is now back up to 11.6 BPD but is not accelerating. Why? Could the underlying reason be the simple truth that Biden articulated in 2019 “I want you to look at my eyes. I guarantee you. I guarantee you. We’re going to end fossil fuel.” Is he just keeping his promise and lying to the rest of us? My take is simple; he wants high prices and cares not about the damage to the American family and its position in the world to support his Green New Deal initiatives.

There are so many basic issues that are similar to those above and just as disheartening: immigration, woke policies, education, COVID, and even setting one race against another. We could go on seemingly endlessly. Is it any wonder we don’t trust our government, its leaders, policies, and even its good intentions any longer?

We have arrived at a point that appears intentional. The utter disregard for breaking the sacred bond between ordinary Americans and their leadership, fealty to the principles and practices of a nation that has stood for good, stood for a better tomorrow, and been that beacon of hope to the entire world is now in doubt.

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Image: PxHere