June 11, 2022

Not all erstwhile Trump voters, otherwise steadfast America First MAGA proponents, are thrilled with the prospect of Trump running again.

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Beset with Trump fatigue and his preoccupation with how he has been maligned, however merited, they channel the inner John Hooker, “Hey, Mr. Bartender…I don’t want no vanilla, I want somethin’ strong fo’ my money!” privately wondering if Trump would govern better, not just show up for another tedious shopworn rally.  Can Trump actually install a durable full-throated MAGA agenda beyond simply airing grievances?

Moreover, Trump’s tiresome tirades about his re-election having been stolen — while true enough — get in the way of the more important message for 2024: how he will fix in 2024 all of what the Democrats have destroyed since January 2020.  This is not to say election integrity isn’t a big deal, but Trump can’t do anything about it now, and needs to stay focused on what matters right now.

What really matters is crippling runaway inflation, the war on energy, the invasion on the southern border, the anarchy, violence, and dystopia of Dem-run American cities, and the endless catastrophes in foreign policy and national security.

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Of course, most Trump-aligned Marys and Joes are annoyed about the stolen 2020 election, but they are terrified by the state of the nation and how it is affecting them and their families — right now.

Trump needs to relentlessly pound away at the root causes of that raw fear now and every day, and what he would do about it on day one of his second term. That’s what matters. Trump’s ego-driven grievances don’t matter to besieged Marys and Joes who are instead begging with a simple appeal: just stop.  Does Donald Trump get it… that it’s not all about him?

This piece a few months ago from American Greatness sets forth the most cogent analysis how Trump captured the ethos of America First MAGA. But it also highlights a most uncomfortable truth about Donald Trump’s first term: either he lost interest in the dirty work of shaping a fundamental transformation, or was simply outplayed by Dem and RINO establishmentarians.

Moreover, the author of the American Greatness analysis is skeptical whether Trump has learned much of anything, let alone would operate any differently in a White House II vs White House I.

Yes,Trump achieved record unemployment, job growth, improved workforce employment rates, wage gains, energy independence, reduced taxes and regulations, appointed agreeably conservative SCOTUS justices, maintained negligible inflation, and neutralized the likes of North Korea’s Kim Yong-un, and rightfully spanked NATO.

Yes, Trump was the only political force willing to expose ruling class elitist malignancies, and be the voice of the maligned deplorables and the forsaken dispossessed.