May 7, 2022

This is the real difference between Donald Trump and the political establishment, whether Republican or Democrat. The esteemed “conservative” Wall Street Journal editorial board has called on Wisconsin authorities to ignore a preliminary investigation report by former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman that found unethical and illegal acts that he says should prompt the state legislature to “take a hard look” at decertifying the 2020 election.

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The Journal says Wisconsin should instead be practical and play it politically safe. In its editorial, the Journal urges Republicans to move on and concentrate on defeating incumbent Democrat Gov. Tom Evers rather than “chasing ghosts.”

For his part, Trump says if investigation is halted, perpetrators will be emboldened to cheat again in this year’s elections.

The “conservative” Journal finds itself arguing the democratic party’s standard talking point: “Move on.” That preference reveals the extent of the swamp that voters chose Trump to drain in 2016. It’s a bipartisan cesspool and even conservative media champions are caught in the bog.

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It’s also nothing new. Republicans have traditionally conformed to the “move on” mentality after every election. After his 1960 loss, Richard Nixon declined to pursue JFK’s obvious election chicanery.

Republicans may score points with voters by complaining about democrats’ election and governing abuses. But when they must choose to actually do something about it or move on, they move on.

The same theme is playing out regarding the COVID theater of the absurd that devastated the economy, granted Democrat authorities virtual dictatorial control and cost thousands of citizens their jobs, constitutional protections, and in far too many cases, their lives.

In the mold of Donald Trump, Kentucky’s Sen. Rand Paul has vowed to bring the effective ringleader of the COVID scam to justice by promising to investigate Anthony Fauci’s questionable handling of the crisis.

Anyone familiar with Paul doesn’t doubt that he intends to bring the Senate’s investigative powers to bear on Fauci. Anyone familiar with the Republican party’s track record also knows the party will not allow such an investigation to extend to indictments of Fauci and co-conspirators, irrespective of what is uncovered.

Republicans, as a party and as a mindset, are incapable of enforcing justice even when enjoying control of both houses of Congress and the White House. When they reach the threshold requiring a decision, they inevitably choose to “move on” instead. That’s why Trump failed to drain the D.C. swamp. He couldn’t do it alone and is own party didn’t have the courage to take that decisive step.