February 22, 2024
A Texas school district has angered several parents who say a middle school dance turned into an “R-rated performance.”

A Texas school district has angered several parents who say a middle school dance turned into an “R-rated performance.”

Houston County School District hosted a “Welcome Back to School Dance” at Perry Middle School and played songs, including “Super Gremlin” and “F.N.F.,” with lyrics that incorporate foul language, the N-word, and sexual innuendos.

“Several terminations of employment need to happen, this is completely unacceptable,” one student’s father, Casey Freis, wrote on Facebook along with a video taken at the dance. “I want to know how this DJ was funded, the specific person that hired them, what administration was in attendance and allowed it to continue in multiple vulgar songs, and an apology to our students.”


Freis’s post quickly garnered more than 800 reactions and nearly 900 comments before comments were turned off.

“They pretty much had an R-rated performance. It should not be sung at school. There needs to be boundaries and they were crossed. People just stuck their head in the sand,” Freis told WMAZ. “It’s absent of all logic. My kid or any kid can’t stand up in class and say the things that were said at that dance. Our kids cannot wear the same clothing that was wore at that dance. I mean, if girls wear leggings to school, they have to wear shirts to their knees. Boys have to have shorts to their knees. The rule makers threw the rulebook out the window. It’s not right.”

Around 500 middle school students reportedly attended the dance, with 20 chaperones on hand.

While many parents shared Freis’s frustration, others noted that the version of the song played was censored and the students sang the lyrics anyhow.

“Well, the music choice was edited,” parent Amy Dixon said. “The children chose to use the unedited words; and I’m under the impression that it was cut short as soon as the teachers and administrators found out what was going on, and they talked to the DJ and it was resolved. For me as a parent, I mean, our kids are going to hear and see things all over the place.”

Perry Middle School Principal Heath Burch apologized and said as a parent, he understands the overall outrage.

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“I have three kids, two of them of which go to Perry Middle School and were at the dance, so I understand why parents would be upset. I do,” Burch said. “From the parental perspective, that’s not something we promote at school or at my house, personally. We want to make sure those same values that we have at Perry Middle School we have at our extracurricular events and everything else that we have also, so to the parents, I am sorry. I can make this promise, we are going to do everything in our power to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Burch said the administration would work with future DJs to select songs prior to school dances.

Freis said he plans to attend the next school board meeting.

“Kids face a lot of things that we didn’t have to face as youth — fentanyl, school shootings every other week, a lot of problems. It can easily be addressed to maybe 11-year-olds singing songs about jacking cars,” Freis said. “School needs to be a place of sanctity, discipline, and education. I feel as though there is going to be enough people at the board meeting to address it.”


The Houston County School District is reportedly reviewing the incident to determine if any personnel disciplinary action is necessary.

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