June 23, 2022

Biden’s administration (with help from Senate RINOs) is determined to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights. To strengthen that position, Biden postures as someone who actually knows a little something about guns. I’ve thought about this a bit and I think I know who’s giving him his information—and if I’m right, we should all be worried.

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Last week I watched Joe Biden addressing the AFL-CIO in Philadelphia. Many have commented on the anger he seemed to exhibit and on his shameless pandering to union labor (which, for Biden, is nothing new). But one little thing in his speech leaped out and caught my interest.

Biden informed the assembled unions that, if union workers go on strike, the impact is far greater than if, say, investment bankers were to go on strike. In reinforcing his point, Biden introduces it with “I tell this to my buddy…”

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I heard that and thought, “Wait a minute! Joe Biden has a buddy?” I wondered just who, and what kind of person, that could be. Does Joe Biden have anything like a best friend, someone he hangs out with, as Richard Nixon, for example, famously hung out with his friend of more than four decades, Charles “Bebe” Rebozo?

And then I remembered Biden’s earlier reference to a buddy, and that caused me even more wonderment. It had occurred during a speech in Iowa in 2015 when Biden gave a “shout out” to retired Iowa Congressman Neal Smith. There, in front of an audience, Biden addressed Smith as “an old butt buddy” (as if there’s not already enough about Joe Biden that should be filed under “Creepy” and “Stuff that makes you go Eeewww!”).

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Even truck drivers, who for years would stereotypically address one another generically over the CB radio as “Good Buddy,” now eschew that term (replacing it with “Hand,” as in “hired hand” or “ranch hand”) because of the Brokeback Mountain sort of innuendo with which “Good Buddy” has become fraught. “Butt buddy” is even worse, no matter how innocently Joe Biden may have intended it in that Iowa speech.

But as to the buddy to whom Biden alluded in Philadelphia, I have an idea just who that is. And I also have an idea who it isn’t. No matter how much Barack Obama may be whispering in Joe’s ear, it’s not Barack Obama.

Image: Joe and Hunter Biden. YouTube screen grab.

I believe it’s the man whom Joe has described as “the smartest man I know [in] pure intellectual capacity.” It’s the man who has bragged that Joe Biden “respects me more than he respects anyone in the world,” that Joe Biden “will talk about anything that I want him to,” and that “If I say it’s important to me, then he will work a way in which to make it a part of his platform.”